Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR DSR A6762/04 A6762/05 For Meccalte Generator

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AVR DSR A6762/04 A6762/05 For Meccalte Generators

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Replaces DSR A6762/04, A6762/05, 2131496


Meccalte Generators

Condition: 100% Brand New
Variable Voltage Power Supply: 40-270VAC
Frequency Range: 15Hz-72Hz
Voltage Regulation Accuracy: ±1%
Maximum Continuous Output Current: 5A DC
Ambient Temperature: -25 - +70
Adjustment o True RMS or average measured value: (70- 280V DC)
Transient power outage and overvoltage within ±15%
Voltage recovery time is less than 300 milliseconds within ±3% of the set value
Transient overvoltage during Pickup is less than 5% of rated voltage
Induction, single phase

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